Our Distillate Range

Our DOLORCBD™ distillate range is naturally flavoured with 100’s of unique cannabis compounds. Available in the best ‘Berry Flavour’ we’ve ever tasted, a refreshing tantalising ‘Citrus Flavour’, and for all those that prefer something more familiar, a subtle cannabis ‘Natural Flavour’.

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Berry 2400mg CBD Oil

Citrus 2400mg CBD Oil

Natural 2400mg CBD Oil

Flavour Profiles for our Distillate CBD Oil

This 2400mg CBD oil is made by blending multiple cannabis extracts that contain a broad plant spectrum of cannabis phytochemicals suspended in an MCT carrier oil, then enriched with other naturally derived flavours.

Our Isolate Range

Formulated with natural flavours and MCT oil. Available in Mint and Natural flavour. Orally administered using a dropper.

Mint 1500mg CBD Oil

Natural 3000mg CBD Oil

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CBD isolate is extracted from hemp and highly refined to include only CBD.

CBD isolate guarantees you’re getting only crystalline CBD and absolutely no THC. 

Flavour Profiles for our Isolate CBD Oil

Formulated with natural flavors and MCT oil, CBD isolate is extracted from hemp and highly refined to include only CBD. It’s a pure, white, crystalline powder that is easily added to existing formulations.

our 4800mg cbd oil coming soon!

Same Flavours in our X-Strong CBD Oil at £49.99

We have found that combining different strains, grown in different climates, can amplify and increase the effectiveness of cannabis oil. This process is known as “The Entourage Effect”. Our Entourage Oil is the Entourage Effect perfected.



30ml 1500mg Strength



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30ml 2400mg Strength



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30ml 3000mg Strength



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Sourced in the EU and US, Manufactured in the UK

At DOLOR CBD we believe that all CBD products should fall within the price range of most customers. The choice of products  available is immense, which is why we have stabilised our CBD range ready for the Novel Foods act coming into force in March 2021.

Grown on farms around the EU and US according to Good Manufacturing Principles, Dolor CBD Oil is one of the most affordable premium CBD Oils on the market.


About Dolor CBD

Dolor CBD is a trading name for Everything Health Supplies LTD (Company No:09802408 – England & Wales)

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